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    Zhengzhou Linker Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in Zhengzhou, central area of China, a traditional commerce city with rich history and culture. 

      Since 2007, our company has been focusing on dental products export, including dental equipments and materials, dental cultural products and electrical products and so on. We believe that quality of products and service are the lifeline of enterprise. Our company has strict control on products quality, partners’ selection. All of our products are popular in Europe, America, Middle East, Asia Area more than 50 different countries and areas. While developing long and lasting cooperation with many big companies in these areas, we are seeking for more new partners from all over the world. If you need any dental products, don’t forget to give us enquiry, we will discuss further on our mutual beneficial cooperation. 

      Our main products are dental unit, air compressor, autoclave, X ray unit, ultrasonic scaler, light cure, air turbine handpiece, intra-oral camera and apex locator. Meanwhile we can supply branded products from Dentsply, Mani, Saeshin, Saeyang, NSK, Woodpecker, Vita, Meta, Coxo, Greatstar, being, sinol, Runyes, gapadent, supline, SMIC and so on.

    “For your better clinic, for all better teeth, for most beautiful smile” is our goal of developing. Welcome to visit website or company to know more. Thanks very much.

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